How Much Does It Cost to Clean a Sewer Line?

utilities workers cleaning the sewer line

The average cost of having a plumber clean your sewer line at home is $294 in the U.S., although you may expect to pay between $170 and $460.

If you live in Colorado, the cost of sewer drain cleaning in Denver and other cities depends on several factors. You may only spend $99 or even as high as $900. As problems with sewer lines and drains are considered an emergency, a quick action on your part will be important to avoid paying more than what’s necessary. 5 Star Plumbing Inc. shares more insights about this important home maintenance project.

Professional Help

A professional plumber serves as your best option to clean sewer lines, especially if there is a blockage. Households that frequently encounter clogged drains should consider a video inspection, as it provides you and the repairman with a clearer view of the cause of the problem.

This solution works by installing a small camera at the auger’s end and operating it through the pipe. In some cases, it may help you discover major problems, such as tree roots that are causing damage to your sewers. If left unresolved, such issues will require you to replace your entire sewer system, which will be more expensive.

Signs of Clogged Sewers

Clogged sewer drains or pipes normally manifest through different ways, so replacing your whole system should not always be the first thing to come to mind. Smaller issues, such as fixtures that back up, normally indicate signs of blockage.

You should be able to discover that something is wrong when there are issues with your toilet. If it makes a gurgling sound when you flush, or it does not flush properly, it usually serves as a clue that your drain may need some cleaning.

A clogged or damaged sewer drain or pipe presents health and environmental problems. It may be wiser to hire a plumber instead of trying to fix the problem yourself.