How to Choose Braces in Leeds

patient is smiling with her dentist

What’s the best way to find out which braces are which? Ask someone who fits them every day. Dentists who focus on straightening teeth have not only done a five-year training to qualify as a general dentist, they have done an additional 2-3 years postgraduate study in this area. There are some kinds of braces that can be fitted by a general dentist – ones who offer mild to moderate cosmetic adjustments – but to get an in-depth review of how the teeth, gums and jaw fit together, patients would be wise to consider seeing a tooth straightening dentist.

Looking for the right dentist

For the dentists who have these extra qualifications, such as those at Enhancedental in Leeds, braces are their daily bread. They know the ins and outs of each type of braces, the benefits and drawbacks and which work best for each particular situation:

• The braces teenagers and adults wear are usually different because once we are grown, our jaw solidifies and cannot be moved, as it can in our teens;
• For corrections of the front teeth, a very different kind of brace is used to those needed to shift the heavy back teeth that have two roots, rather than the one that connects each tooth at the front;
• Cosmetic enhancements require a different kind of braces system to one that offers remedial work.

So, with all this variety and specification on offer, a consultation with a tooth-straightening dentist is needed, to sift through the sea of possibilities.

Patients are sometimes referred by their general dentist for braces, though sometimes they also approach a braces dentist themselves, particularly for cosmetic work. More and more people are concerned about the appearance of their smile and are looking for ways to feel more confident in how they look. Crooked and crowded teeth can certainly affect self-esteem, and this is something braces can help to address.

And crucially for adults, modern braces in Leeds mean that the patient doesn’t have to suffer with the look of unsightly braces to get straighter teeth. There are discreet, hidden and even invisible braces available, meaning even while having treatment, patients don’t have to compromise their look.