How to Make Your Live Event a Smashing Hit to the Public


Events such as concerts and live shows are always fun and exciting. It can be a bit difficult to organize, though, and just one wrong move can cause a lot of chaos. This can be from the side of the performers to the side of the audience. Of course, you have to make both parties satisfied with your services.

Here, ADM Productions and other industry experts discuss some amazing tips on how you can make your live event a huge success, as well as how to find the right production agency to work with.

Work with the Right People

Organizing a live event will require you to communicate with a live production team at all times. Of course, you would want to make sure that you’ll be working with the right type of people.

Look for a team that will focus on improving the entire event rather than just rushing to finish their services, so they can add it to their portfolio. Ask them the right questions to gauge if you can jive with them and the way they work.

Focus on the Visuals

When it comes to live events, visuals are everything. Make sure to discuss everything you need with your video and lighting teams and see to it that they’re communicating well. You would also want to pay attention to your backdrop, as this can emphasize your lighting and video. You can also get a few stock photos, motion backgrounds, or even your own photos to show in the background during the event.

Pay Attention to the Venue’s Limitations

This is one of the most important things you have to discuss with the whole team. You need to gauge how many people will come to your event, so you can make sure that they can all be accommodated by the event venue.

Talk to the owner or manager of your selected venue and ask them the following:

  • Can we know the weight rating of the venue’s roof?
  • Are all of your fire alarms properly working?
  • How many fire exits do you have?
  • Do you have generators in case of blackouts?

Plan your live event months before the actual event to make sure that nothing will be rushed or forced.