How to Upgrade Your Garage


Your garage is much more than storage space for excess junk. It can be a functional addition to your home that also offers aesthetic value. If you’ve done enough work to make your garage usable, you can recoup up to 85% of the renovation cost should you decide to sell your Pittsburgh home.

If you have been thinking of transforming your cluttered garage into a livable and more functional space, consider these tips for organizing and modernizing your garage.

Style the door

Replace that outdated garage door with a modern contemporary model. Automatic garage door openers will add more value to your home. Consider installing a door that works best with these openers. With many options to choose from nowadays, you might want to make a bold statement by going for sheet metals, frosted glass, retractable screens, reclaimed wood, or louvered panels.

Enhance security

A garage door is one of the most common places that burglars use to enter a home. The sad fact is that makes it easier for intruders is that most people forget to lock their garage doors when they leave home. Upgrade your garage with security features such as automatic door locks. An automatic sensor door will save you the frustration that comes when you remember that you forgot to lock the garage door.

Install durable floors

Whether you park your car in your garage of use of it for work, you need a durable floor that can withstand heavy traffic. An epoxy floor has a longer lifespan, is water resistant, and dust proof. It is also easy to clean and looks great.

Remodeling your garage should be among your home improvement projects this year. If you are looking to improve security and the value of your home, a garage upgrade is one of those projects you should consider.