Hush, Hush: 3 Foolproof Ways You Can Soundproof Your Nursery Room

Sleeping Baby Nursery Room

A baby sleeping soundly is a heavenly, calm sight. The opposite, however, when your child is crying wildly non-stop in the middle of the night, can be nerve-racking. While many factors influence a baby’s sleep, their environment plays a huge role. That’s why it’s important to design your nursery room in a way that would offer optimal comfort for your baby.

When designing or revamping your nursery room, consider these tips to ensure peace and quiet in the space:

Fill It Up

An empty space will cause sounds to echo more, so don’t hold back on filling up the space with furnishings. What most Australian homeowners do is they get old bookshelves against the room’s walls to muffle the noise coming from the nearest rooms. You can do this yourself as well, or opt for storage cabinets. For sure, you’re going to need storage areas for your baby’s toys and clothes.

You may also fill up the walls with fabric quilts or paintings to reduce echoes in the room. For better soundproofing solutions, there are stylish acoustic panels Australia based design experts recommend that not just reduce noises but also make for good wall decor.

Silence the Door

Most bedroom doors are hollow on the inside, which permit lots of sounds coming from the outside. Doors that have a solid core are more effective in blocking noise out. Try to knock on your nursery’s door; if it feels like hitting a cardboard, it’s likely that the door is hollow inside. Have someone replace it with a door that has a solid core. Or, for a much budget-friendly option, get a sound-absorbing blanket.

Dress up the Floors

Sounds get much louder when they hit bare hardwood floors. So it’s best to get soft fabrics, like carpets and rugs. Do consider the softness of what you’re buying though. Carpets are soft, yes, but there are floor coverings that are much softer than others.

Visit your local furniture store and ask for soft-fibre carpet. If the budget permits, you may also have wall-to-wall carpeting.

Creating a noise-free environment is important for baby’s sleep. Remember these ideas to keep the peace and quiet in their nursery room.