Immediate relief for dental pain

Dental Plan Setup and Assistance

Emergency dental care, in its very nature, calls for an immediate response to patients in pain, or if teeth have been damaged or knocked out. It’s important to ring a reliable dentist who can provide information on the phone and offer an emergency appointment as quickly as possible.

It’s a relief to know that an emergency dentist in Mackay is available, providing same-day appointments at various locations across the city.  Clinics such Walkerston Dental in Mackay offer a quick response; due to having a sister clinic within Mackay, if an emergency appointment is needed it can be offered at 2 locations.

Why the right clinic is so important

Emergency dentistry is a necessary expense, but what happens if immediate treatment is needed and, on top of the initial emergency, ongoing care is required?

It’s worth looking at what the dental practice can offer. Clinics such as Walkerston Dental allow payments by most credit cards and finance packages are available to ensure, no matter what the outcome of the emergency, the best dental treatment available can be offered. With that in mind, nothing should then prevent anyone from acting on the needs of the injured party.

What to expect at an emergency dentist in Mackay appointment

Upon arrival, the patient will be seen by the on-duty dental practitioner. A thorough examination of the damaged area will be given, perhaps including dental x-rays to make sure there is no deeper damage to the teeth and tooth roots.

The dentist’s main focus is to preserve teeth and to protect any damaged teeth from further infection. The whole area will be sterilised and cleaned and any damage temporarily covered and stabilised. It might be important to fully repair the damage on the day, but it’s more likely this will occur in subsequent visits and not at the emergency dentist. In Mackay, any emergency can be responded to with same-day appointments, even accidents that have led to teeth being lost. The dentist will provide pain relief and if the tooth is too badly damaged to be repaired or a tooth has been knocked out and can’t be reinserted, an alternative will be offered to give back full use and function of the teeth.