Invisible Braces in Liverpool

Dental Plan Setup and Assistance

Turn a smile visible but keep those braces invisible. This is the trick these days and in Liverpool, braces are now just fading into the background. If people were afraid to get braces as a child or even as an adult because they were put off by the thought of wearing bulky metal ‘train-tracks’, then they certainly aren’t afraid anymore. The amount of people getting their teeth straightened to feel more confident and complete is on the rise and so it should be with the amount of options there are now to choose from.

When it comes to braces in Liverpool, quite a few dental clinics, including Liverpool Smile Studio, offer a range of tooth straightening options from fixed braces to invisible removable aligners.

Removable aligners

In Liverpool, braces don’t always need to be made out of metal and attached to teeth.

Removable aligners, such as Invisalign, are a series of removable smooth plastic aligners that over time gently guide the teeth into the designated place. Some of the benefits of removable aligners are:

  • They are removable, which makesthe oral hygiene routine easier
  • They are made out of plastic, so no metal allergies
  • Predictable treatment time due to advanced planning
  • Almost invisible to the untrained eye.

Removable aligners are only effective when being worn though so the more usage, the greater the result.

Fixed braces

Fixed braces in Liverpool don’t need to be unsightly nor do they need to take years.

An example of fixed braces are Fastbraces.Traditionally, braces aligned teeth by moving in two separate stages, first the crown then root. This technique works perfectly fine, but it takes time. Fastbraces uses a technique that move the crown and root simultaneously, which means the treatment time is cut in half, even less in some cases. But it’s not just the reduced timeframe that makes Fastbraces outshinethe traditional metal braces. Fastbraces uses tooth-coloured brackets and only one wire, which makes the look of them more subtle and delicate.

Discreet braces in Liverpool

So, they were only two examples of how braces have been transformed over the years, continuing to be just as effective and even more discreet while transforming someone’s smile.