Is it Necessary to give your Cat Food Supplements?

sleeping catThe popularised weight loss industry has a part that is also now becoming commonplace; diet supplementation. The gist of it is this; if you are unable to get specific nutrients from your immediate environment, you get them from a unique formulation. Suitable for all people, these supplements are designed to fit particular needs.

It stands to reason thus, if children, adults, and people in general need supplements, so might pets. Many stores thatsell premium cat food online have started to explore the idea. They have begun to provide supplementation options for cats. If you are considering giving your cat supplements, ask yourself the below first.

Does your pet need the supplements?

So the question becomes; do you need to join the bandwagon or is your pet perfectly okay with regular food? The average healthy cat will not require supplementation. However, if your pet has not been getting a balanced diet, you may need to give him or her additional nutrients. It is, in fact, the wise thing to do, unless of course, your pet is already on a prescription diet. In this case, consult with your veterinarian before adding anything to his diet.

What are the right supplements?

More commonly available at the moment are supplementation products for improving joint strength. However, there are also others such as for improving the digestive health or the overall health and so forth.  The same way that people eat yoghurt to keep a balance in the microbes in the intestines, for example, is the same way pets will need supplements for what they are lacking. If your cat has diarrhoea or allergy symptoms, pre-biotic supplements may be the way to go.

Are there harmful supplements?

Conventional wisdom dictates that too much of everything is poisonous. Even with supplementation, too much of some products may produce a toxic effect. Since so far only limited studies to the issue have been conducted, apply discretion when giving your pet supplements. More importantly, consult with an expert before adding supplements to your pets’ diet. This is dire if your pet had a pre-existing health condition.

Take your pet’s diet as seriously as you do yours. Before you make significant dietary adjustments, talk to your veterinary dietician to determine appropriateness. Make sure also that you follow dosage recommendations keenly so that you do not harm your pet. Lastly, make a point to purchase your products from reputable stores.