Keep the Holidays Sweet and be Prepared

dentist examining teeth x-ray

It’s Christmas holiday time in Queensland, parties and family gatherings are in full swing, everyone’s enjoying soaking up the summer sun and nothing could be further from the mind than visiting a dentist. Then the worst happens. Either a severe toothache suddenly comes on, or due to a trip or fall, a tooth is knocked out. Chances are, a lot of dentists are also taking their summer break and may not be available to offer treatment.

 What’s the best way to get an emergency dental appointment in Mackay? Well, one tip is to keep the number of an emergency dentist, such as Walkerston Dental in Walkerston GP Superclinic, on hand.

Some surgeries will offer an emergency dental appointment in Mackay, others won’t, and patients are advised to have a back-up, in case their regular clinician is away and hasn’t left a locum to cover their appointments.

In the midst of an accident or the sudden onset of pain, and the confusion that goes with it, having that number to hand will be really useful. Trying to dig out a surgery number or ring round to find someone who is available wastes valuable time.

Another pointer is to call as soon as possible to make sure of getting a timely appointment. This may sound like an obvious piece of advice, but it’s so easy to put off medical care, and hope for the best. A toothache, for example, can start off as a dull ache and progress to a severe pain all too quickly. If a patient calls sooner rather than later, chances are the dentist will be able to fit them in for an emergency dental appointment in Mackay the same day.

And in the case of a knocked-out tooth, time is of the essence. A lost tooth has a much better chance of being re-attached if the patient can be seen by a dentist within two hours.

It’s also vital that the tooth root isn’t touched, only the crown (the white, visible part). This is because the root is living tissue and may whither if touched by the oils and dirt carried by the human hand.