Laugh Your Way to Health with Brighter Teeth

A visit to a dentist offering Paddington tooth whitening can end up improving your smile and your overall health. With a brighter smile, you’re likely to smile and laugh more, and that laughter can benefit you. Research suggests that humour can improve your health in some of the following ways:

Improve your immune system

Stress can decrease your immunity and expose you to various health problems. Positive thoughts and humour can release antibodies that can strengthen your immunity. You’ll then be able to handle stress, viruses and bacteria much better.

Stimulate your organs

Laughter can enhance your intake of oxygen and promote blood flow. It could also help stimulate your heart, lungs and muscles. It can even increase the endorphins in your brain. Laughter can help boost your circulation and muscle relaxation.

Reduce pain

Research is still ongoing on how laughter affects pain tolerance. Still, some studies have suggested that humour may relieve pain by prompting the body to generate its natural painkillers.

Reduce your stress and increase your satisfaction

Many studies associate distress with several physical symptoms. Those symptoms include elevated blood pressure, headaches, and chest pain. Research also suggests that stress can trigger or worsen certain symptoms or illnesses. Humour can make it easier to deal with tough situations.

Laughter can also help you connect with family, friends and other people. The ability to cope with tough situations and connect socially are beneficial to overall health.

Improve your mood

One of the leading causes of depression is chronic illnesses. If you’re living with a chronic disease, laughter can help reduce your depression and anxiety. Humour may also make you feel happier and more relaxed.

Laughter is good medicine. However, while you may understand the benefits of humour at an intellectual level, you won’t smile as much if you’re self-conscious about your teeth. If tooth discolouration is the problem, talk to your dentist about brightening your teeth and start smiling your way back to health.