Miracle Cure: The Rise of Stem Cell Therapy and How it Gives Hope

Blood DisorderYou may have been told that there wasn’t much a doctor can do for you or a loved one’s chronic illness or pain. While some treatments can keep major symptoms away, sometimes there isn’t much to do for recovery.

With stem cell therapy, however, there is hope, according to the doctors at Regeneris Medical. It’s like a miracle healing kit that allows for treatment of symptoms, on a level that traditional therapies cannot match. In fact, it currently treats or cures more than 80 diseases to date, including many types of cancers, immune deficiency diseases, and blood disorders.

What are Stem Cells?

A stem cell is the source of all cells – heart, brain, skin, etc. It has the ability to regenerate. Unlike a regular cell that can only generate its own kind, it is pluripotent, which means when it divides, it can develop into a specialized cell.

A stem cell is grown in a lab; clusters of it are often taken from a cell line and stored in freezing temperatures.

There are two basic types of stem cells: adult cells and embryonic stem cells.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works

The discovery of stem cells gave rise to regenerative medicine, which promotes the repair of dysfunctional, injured, or diseased tissue. Scientists say it is the future of organ transplants, as it uses cells instead of donor organs, which have a limited supply.

For diabetics, stem cells are injected into the pancreas. Here, they will transform into cells that produce insulin. Stem cell therapy can also be beneficial to patients with leukemia, a cancer of leukocytes or white blood cells. With a combination of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant, stem cells travel to the patient’s bone marrow and produce new, healthy white blood cells to replace the abnormal ones.

Treating a disease is all about fixing the broken parts – repairing tissues, replacing cells, and boosting failing systems. To cure disease, doctors need to do all of that and more.

Now it’s possible with stem cell therapy.