Mistakes that Could Lead to Sickness

a sick girl lying on bedSeptember has come, which means the start of autumn and breezy weather. While winter is still a few months away, you should be on guard against sicknesses like colds. According to Psychology Today, you need to protect your body against colds this fall and winter. Here are the common mistakes that can prevent the immune system from fighting off infections.

Sleep Deprivation

Wellness companies like Comvita NZ explain that the body needs to be in good condition to fend off illnesses. Being sleep-deprived can make your body too tired to guard itself against colds. Make sure to sleep for seven to nine hours for your body to replenish itself.

Poor Diet

Another mistake that people do is sticking to a poor diet. This means eating food that is lacking in or entirely devoid of nutrients. Instead of munching on doughnuts, fries and other unhealthy food, experts recommend eating leafy greens filled with vitamins that can fortify your immune system.

Sedentary Lifestyle

A lifestyle that comprises sitting or not doing any physical activity can also weaken your body’s defences. Such idle lifestyles are discouraged, especially for office workers. Doing exercises such as jogging, weight lifting or swimming can keep your body ready to fight sicknesses.

Inadequate Washing

Something as simple as washing your hands before eating can also play a factor in being infected. If you’re not doing it at all, bacteria on your hands might be on the food that you’re handling.


Lastly, being bogged down by too much stress makes you prone to illnesses. Stress has been shown to make the body more prone to infection, which is why experts recommend de-stressing through recreation or sports. Overall, it’s essential to maintain your health throughout the seasons. Whether it’s fall or winter, you should avoid sleep deprivation, a poor diet, an inactive lifestyle, and too much stress. Once you do this, you should be able to work and do your tasks without problems.