Taking Care of Invisalign

August 8, 2018

Patients who have embarked on treatment with Invisalign will be given a number of clear, plastic, removable retainers that will help move their teeth into their correct position. However, achieving a beautiful smile is not Read More

The Basics of Botox

August 8, 2018

Getting older often means facing new and sometimes unexpected challenges as the body starts showing signs of wear and tear. One such sign that everyone expects is wrinkles. Thankfully there are non-surgical cosmetic treatments available Read More

Happy Memories

August 7, 2018

Tooth loss is never a great experience. Having to cover a smile that was once complete can be frustrating, as people need their smiles to show their happiness. Different people lose their teeth for different Read More

Dental Care: From Prevention to Restoration

August 7, 2018

The history of dentistry stretches back hundreds of years but in recent decades there have some major advancements in techniques and dental technology. Nowadays dentists are big on prevention, enabling patients to keep their teeth Read More

Say Goodbye to Troublesome Teeth

August 4, 2018

People are told again and again to look after their teeth to prevent them from deteriorating and avoid tooth decay, which can cause them to fall out. Dentists advise people to brush twice a day, Read More

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