Sharing the Event of a Lifetime on Facebook

May 22, 2015

Before the age of the Internet, people sent printed invitations to spread the news of an upcoming event. Hosts would go from one house to another, slipping golden envelopes inside mailboxes and await the RSVP Read More

A Quick Overview of Server Consolidation

May 21, 2015

In computing matters, it’s better to pool your servers to create a single database server. It’s common today to do more with less, especially when operating with energy consuming equipment. Moreover, consolidating servers lets you Read More

What to Do for Leaky Pipes

May 12, 2015

Leaky pipes are a big problem in every household. Apart from wasting water, they lower the water pressure which is a problem if you’re fond of showers or are using a garden sprinkler. Before you Read More

Tips on Motivating Your Employees

May 7, 2015

People are the most valuable asset of any business. You must treat them respectfully as you can’t run a company without employees. One of the challenges that employers face is keeping their staff motivated. There Read More

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