Post-Op Hunger: What to Eat After Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery in IndianapolisHave you ever undergone oral surgery? Usually, those who have dental procedures done can’t eat solid food for a couple of days, sometimes even lasting for weeks because of the pain.

There are many options you can go for if we’re just talking about soft food and liquids in general, but be wary of what they contain. Some may come in those forms, but they may worsen your condition or even infect your supposedly healing wound. Gentle Dentist, a family dentistry clinic based in Indianapolis, shares a list of food that won’t worsen the pain and will help you recover faster.

Soft Food or Liquid Diet for Dental Patients

Depending on the severity of the procedure and the pain it entails, food intake may vary. Most of the time, the dentist gauges the procedure and its effects to be able to endorse specific food to aid in recovery.

Protein-based Food

While the body already provides us with the amount of protein we need on a daily basis, after the surgery, the body’s going to need more to heal faster.

Lean protein helps in recovery. So, consider food items such as room temperature scrambled eggs, chicken, beef, fish, and nut butter like almond and peanut. Consider the spices put into the food and the consistency, depending on how much a person can take.


In some cases, you won’t even be able to chew and swallow properly because of the swelling and the pain. For this, you can turn to fluids to help you get better. The number one choice is water, as it washes away particles and sugars that may lead to tooth decay. It also keeps the mouth moist and the throat hydrated.

Other choices are 100 percent fruit or vegetable juices to provide you with the right amount of calories and nutrients. Green tea also helps improve dental health.

Avoid sodas and caffeine because the sugar may worsen your condition and cause tooth erosion.


These are rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as known for being high in calcium. But, while there are a variety of milk and milk byproducts available in the market, there are specific products appropriate for dental surgery patients. Skim milk, cottage cheese, and unsweetened and low-fat yogurts work best to reduce healing time.

Hope this alleviates the frustration of not being able to eat solids. Who knows? Eating these might turn into a habit, further improving your dental health.