Prevent Premature Aging with Dental Implants

Eating with Dental Implants

Eating with Dental ImplantsMissing teeth will not just make you feel uncomfortable when speaking or eating in public. Apart from affecting your self-esteem and some of your daily routines, missing one or more teeth can also cause bone loss, resulting in premature ageing. This is because when you lost a tooth, the jawbone beneath it will shrink because of lack of stimulation.

Dental crowns and bridges can address cosmetic issues of missing teeth but they only provide a short-term answer. They will offer no solution to a much bigger problem, which is bone loss. The same is also for dentures, which can become loose and unstable over time and cause speech and eating problems.

Bone Resorption Prevention

As implants offer jaw stimulation, they help prevent bone resorption. These natural-looking solutions will eventually become a part of the jawbone, which will then transmit the chewing forces to the jaw. The benefits go beyond by preserving your smile and preventing premature ageing.

Perfect for Single or Multiple Teeth

St. Albans dental implant centres note that they are ideal for replacing a single tooth. It is also good to know that they will not affect healthy adjacent teeth. They also work well for replacing multiple teeth, as they can be built with a bridge to fix your smile.

The Choice of Custom-Made Implants

If all your upper and lower teeth are missing, custom-made implants are available. You will no longer have to worry about instability, as these are supported by implants and will prevent bone loss. Implant-retained dentures are also made to look as lifelike as possible, resembling natural teeth.

Improving Your Quality of Life

The implants, furthermore, can improve your quality of life. Whether it’s for single or multiple replacements, they fix your smile and improve your oral health, nutrition and self-confidence. There will be no hesitation on smiling big and eating anything you want with a gap-free smile.

Tooth loss can make you look older than you really are. If you have problems with missing teeth, consider dental implant treatments. Apart from looking natural, they also provide ample support for dentures and dental crowns.