Quirky Beauty Trends You Must Try

Girls with multiple colored nail polishIf you find Marie Claire’s beauty trends of 2017 too safe, or too predictable, or maybe even too bland, you are in the right place. This list is the antithesis of Marie Claire’s, or at least, that is the goal.

Here, what you get is pure inspiration and zero bluff, a narrowed-down itemization of all things beauty you should check out.

Crafty Nails

First off, nails made crafty. Championed by one of New York City’s resident cool chicks, Mei Kawajiri, nails-as-artwork has evolved from merely playing with colours to playing with all sorts of studs. From precious metals to retro accents, the sky is the limit to what you can put on your nails.

Mermaid Eyes

Obsessing about mermaid tales is too passé. Now, you ought to be obsessing about mermaid eyes. This quirky eye makeup style deftly combines a smoky look with an otherworldly flair. The key is to play with all the blues and greens and purples, and maybe a few semi-precious stones.

Belted Ponytail

If you think belts’ one and only purpose is to keep your pants up, then you have not been paying attention to famous hairstylist Frank Rizzieri. Belts can be your ponytail’s best friend too.

And if you do not want your quirky card to suffer confiscation by the godmother of quirky Zooey Deschanel herself, you better celebrate this idea and wear a belt on your hair.

No-Makeup Makeup

There is nothing more quirky than ironically wearing makeup. And there is no other way to wear makeup ironically than to wear it as if you are not actually wearing it. It gets confusing, but you will figure it out.

Check the makeup of Thandie Newton, Emma Stone, and Kristen Bell at the Golden Globes to get an idea on how to pull the no-makeup makeup look off, or, better yet, visit a Tauranga beauty therapy clinic, such as Black Champagne Salon & Spa, near you.

These trends are just a few of the cool style options out there. If they reflect your personality, there is no harm in wearing them.