Revamping Office Design with Branding in Mind

Cubicles in a traditional office set-up

Being consistent with branding shouldn’t just be evident in your communications or reputation management; it should also be seen in your office design. A branded workspace is empowering for employees, making core values easy to remember and embrace. At the same time, it’s reassuring for clients, giving them the impression that you take business values seriously when they walk in your space.

So, how do you bring out branding in office design? Here are some tips to do just that:

Lay down the layout

Many businesses are shifting to an open floor plan because it’s trendy. But just because something’s trendy doesn’t mean it will work for you, too. Tech companies, such as Google and Facebook, typically have open spaces because the nature of their job requires collaboration. Some have video-game rooms or bowling alleys because their branding is playful and fun.

Think about your branding before tearing down walls (or installing partitions). If your business is more conservative, it’s probably best to keep the traditional cubicles. If you’re in the creative industry, like advertising or entertainment, then go bold in adding the wildest features, like a huge, bright red star above your reception counters.

Consider colour

You can easily translate branding into your office design by using the brand’s colour scheme. To break off the monotony of hues though, play with different shades in your palette, alternating bold and pastel colours, if you may.

You may also go beyond the colour of your brand by choosing colours that reflect your business philosophy. For instance, if you value creativity, go for yellow or green; for trustworthiness, blue.

Find appropriate furnishings

Furniture can also enhance the branding in your office design. Modern furnishings will convey innovation in business. Featuring soft elements in the space can give insight to your business prioritising customers’ comfort.

Ultimately, you want the furniture to be functional and comfortable. If you’re able to mesh this with the aesthetics of your branding, the better. Branding in office design is crucial to empower employees and make a good impression on clients. Remember these design tips as you revamp your space.