Saving Lives: Finding the Right Search and Rescue Vehicle

Rescue VehicleIn the field of search and rescue, the use of ATVs and UTVs are quite interesting. These vehicles are gaining popularity among public safety departments and agencies across the globe. If your department is looking at these machines as good additions to your fleet, then learning about the benefits is necessary.

Find out why investing in these vehicles is a good idea.

All-Terrain Vehicle

ATVs are fast and versatile, making them ideal for search and rescue missions. With proper training, an ATV driver can search a wide area of wilderness in a fraction of the time required for searching the area on foot. Utmost care is necessary to maximize the use and benefits of these vehicles. Also, accessing areas that are otherwise inaccessible to traditional rescue vehicles is easy with an ATV.

Utility Task Vehicle

UTVs always come with at least a side by side seat. While a UTV isn’t as agile as the ATV, it is capable of accommodating more people and heavier loads. These vehicles are completely customizable, meaning you can design them for special purposes, such as carrying equipment that is useful to the search and rescue operation. UTVs can also be fitted with a stretcher that would allow the crew to safely bring the victims to a safer place. notes that UTVs are safe to operate because of the presence of seatbelts and a sturdy frame around the driver and passenger, which protect them in the case of a fall or tumble.

Your choice of vehicle depends greatly on your location and the type of search and rescue operations you are conducting. Buying the right vehicle is not about the cost; rather, it’s about the lives you save and the value you add to your community. The benefits always outweigh the cost.