Sing, Laugh, Talk and Smile – The Joy of Dental Implants in St John’s Wood

Woman with dental implants smiling

Those who have never known what it is like to have missing teeth may have a limited understanding of the problems that people face when they have gaps. Either they need to live with the stigma and limited functionality of their incomplete smile or they must deal with replacement methods that are imperfect. Fortunately, dental implants in St John’s Wood can help people to regain pride in their smile again.

Dental implants in St John’s Wood are a solution that is offered by many clinics, like Aura Dental. One of the reasons why dentists appreciate them so much is that they give patients a great experience of tooth replacement. All the best practitioners want their patients to enjoy their life and their teeth for as long as possible but, if they do need to be replaced, they want them to have the best solution. Dental implants are often recommended to patients as the most efficient and practical method of tooth restoration.

What’s wrong with other tooth replacement solutions?

All tooth replacement solutions are seeking to offer people a better option than living without teeth. In certain circumstances, something like a full or partial denture may be appropriate. The choice of restoration often depends on the conditions in the patient’s mouth as well as their personal circumstances. However, dentures have always come with a few issues that people need to adapt to. For example, they can slip if the fit is even slightly off or someone sneezes or coughs. Many people have to combat this slippage with a dental adhesive. Over time, sore patches can develop if the slip is continuous and repetitive. This is just one example of a common denture problem.

How can dental implants improve someone’s experience of tooth replacement?

Dental implants are fixed in position. They are integrated into a person’s jawbone. They then have prosthetic teeth attached to the top. This might take the form of a crown or bridge. Someone can also choose a method that is part-way between dentures and full dental implants,known as implant-retained dentures. All these methods improve upon the traditional methods of tooth replacement by ensuring that someone can smile, sing, laugh and eat with complete confidence again.