A stable solution for missing teeth

Woman smilingSadly, many people struggle for years with the problems associated with missing teeth. These can include feeling unhappy with how they look, problems eating or issues relating to how their voice sounds. A restricted diet can affect the nutritional status of an individual as well as undermining their quality of life. Everyone wants to be able to eat what they choose, rather than what they think they can manage. Dentures and bridges used to be the only options to replace missing teeth and many people found them hard to get used to. For people in this situation in Herefordshire, dental implants offer a secure, long-term solution for replacing lost teeth, even for a whole set.

How does the process work?

Having dental implants in Herefordshire involves a minor operation in which a small metal screw is inserted into the jaw. As the site heals, the bones and tiny blood vessels mesh around the implant, so it essentially becomes part of the jaw. This means that it is very stable. When the implant is firmly anchored, it can be used as a base for one or more replacement teeth. The new teeth look very natural as they are carefully made to match any existing teeth in terms of size, shape and colour. Dentists, such as those as Warrendale Dental recommend dental implants in Herefordshire as a durable, secure and comfortable way of restoring missing teeth.

Why have dental implants in Herefordshire?

When people wear dentures or have gaps, the bone in the jaw is not stimulated as it would be if the tooth roots were still present. Over time, this can lead to weakening or shrinkage. The implants replace tooth roots and help to keep the jaw healthy in the same way as a natural tooth would. This is because the biting and chewing action sends vibrations down into the bone and keeps the tissues strong. As well as improving oral health, dental implants also allow people to use their mouths normally and enjoy a great, new smile. For patients in Herefordshire, dental implants that are properly looked after can last for a lifetime, although they may need maintenance in the same way as fillings or crowns.