Stop Exposing Your Kids to These 5 Toxic Chemicals

Woman holding her kid

It’s one thing to teach your child’s immune system to become stronger by letting them play in the dirt. And it’s another to unknowingly expose them to toxins that are dangerous to their health.

The polyester and poly-fibre that’s in your baby’s pillows are just other names for plastic, Alora House explains. If you were sleeping on plastic, how comfortable and healthy would that be? Here are five common things you might be exposing your child to that contain toxic chemicals.

1. Frozen Food

Waffles, Pizza, Burritos, Potato Fries, Chicken Nuggets. Breakfast Bowls. The list could go on, and not all of them are actually good for anyone.

While freezing prolongs the state of some types of food, frozen food is full of chemicals meant to preserve the added flavours and not the food itself. Are you sure you’re going to deep fry those nuggets for your kids’ lunch?

2. Fabric Softeners

Notice how nice your laundry smells after using a fabric softener? Well, not all fragrant things are good for the health, let alone your children. The chemicals known to make your clothes feel softer and smell nicer are also known to cause asthma and cancer.

Leave out the fabric softener the next time you do laundry and opt for non-toxic, organic laundry detergents.

3. Pharmaceutical Drugs and Antibiotics

Yes, they heal your children faster, but relying on them every time your child is sick has negative side effects. These drugs are still chemicals, and they can destroy the good bacteria in your child’s body, weakening their immune system.

Make a habit of reading the labels on the things your children will be exposed to. You wouldn’t want to wait for a skin rash or a prolonged cough before you start going natural and organic in your home.