That Tree Stump Can Actually Cost You a Lot of Money

Person hugging a tree

Some home and commercial property owners often postpone the task of removing the stumps left behind by fallen trees. They think it’s just a tree; it can wait. What they are not aware of is that it can actually cost them more money.

It is vital that you call upon the services of a professional Tauranga tree stump removal company for the following reasons:

Your home’s curb appeal and overall value suffers.

For local arborists Tree Fellers, your lawn contributes greatly to the curb appeal of your property. When a tree stump grows over the supposed beautiful garden, it compromises your home’s curb appeal. It may also restrict your landscaping plans.

Since you want to keep your home as beautiful and functional as possible, do not wait too long before having professionals remove that tree stump.

A lesser-known, yet major cause of plumbing problems.

A fallen tree’s roots can still invade through some of the weaker spots of your water lines and plumbing pipes. This is especially true when the tree sits at a spot near a component of the water service; even the slightest leak can already encourage the growth of roots. As a result, you deal with stubborn roots wrapped around the plumbing system.

When the roots grow around these pipes, they can choke the lines, causing not just inconveniences, but major damage that requires extensive repairs.

Keep trees from ruining the plumbing by being vigilant. For a thorough job, have the stump removed by a professional to prevent such disasters from happening in the first place.

It’s killing off your beautiful grass and plants.

The roots of a fallen tree can still consume nutrients from your soil. Due to its considerable size, it will eat up a great portion of this food from the soil, leaving your grass and other plants deprived. This results in other plants struggling to grow and survive. This will just continue as long as you still have the stump sitting on your yard, so it is best you have it removed as soon as possible.

Do not let tree stumps compromise your home or property’s function and appeal. Talk to a professional today to get rid of this unsightly view.