The Various Treatment Options for Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth Sensitivity as a Health Concern

Tooth sensitivity is among the most common dental issues. The pain caused by this can make even simple tasks uncomfortable. Consuming hot or cold food and beverages, as well as flossing or brushing, for instance, can leave you with excruciating pain.

Though most people try homemade remedies to lessen this pain, these are mostly ineffective. Visiting a dentist in Wilmette, IL such as Glenlake Dental Care to assess your issue and recommend the ideal treatment is the best option for complete recovery from tooth sensitivity.

Here are some of the treatments the dentist might employ, depending on the severity and cause of your condition.

Dental Barriers

Painted-on dental barriers, including plastic resins and fluoride varnish, are some of the treatment options for sensitive teeth. Fluoride varnish strengthens your tooth enamel hence decreasing sensitivity. The dentist applies the varnish in-office and left on your teeth for not less than two hours. Plastic bonding resin covers your exposed tooth root surfaces, hence reducing sensitivity.

Gum Grafting

Gum recession is among the most common causes of tooth sensitivity since it leaves your roots exposed and vulnerable. Gum grafting takes tissue from another area of your oral cavityand then surgically affixes it on the area where the gum has receded. This procedure not only reduces tooth sensitivity but also protects your tooth roots.

Root Canal

In severe tooth sensitivity with irreversible nerve damage, a root canal is an ideal choice. It corrects issues in your dental pulp which is the soft core of your teeth by removing it. Though it is a more extensive treatment compared to other options, it is highly effective in eliminating tooth sensitivity.

After successful tooth sensitivity treatment, maintaining oral hygiene is essential to prevent relapses. Avoid vigorous tooth brushing and cut down on your consumption of acidic drinks and foods as these harmful practices might erode your enamel.