Tips for Buying Safety Fences and Gates Online

FenceWith an active baby around the house, there is a need for you to install a safety gate. Whether your toddler just started is crawling or walking, he or she may walk to areas they shouldn’t. Child safety fences and gates are particularly built for kids between six months and two years. They keep kids away from dangerous areas such as staircases, the kitchen, pool, or fireplaces. It can be pretty daunting to find the perfect gate for a house with so many suppliers around the house.
Direct Trades Supply gives a few factors to consider when shopping for safety gates and fences online.

Hardware-Mounted or Pressure-Mounted Gates

Hardware-mounted gates are attached to wood posts or solid walls using screws. They are ideal for high-risk areas like fireplaces, kitchens, or stairs. They are also more secure. Pressure-mounted gates, on the other hand, are pretty easy to erect thus, excellent safety gates for doorways. They can’t hold up as long as hardware-mounted gates. Note that pressure-mounted gates are portable, if you don’t want to make unsightly marks on the walls.

Gates that Swing Open

Most hardware-mounted gates are designed to open easily, but basic Pressure-mounted models don’t. Of course, nobody wants to hop over a gate every time he needs to get to the next room. Pick a safety gate that makes your work easier.

Look Out for Safety Gates with a Signal

It’s pretty easy to assume you closed the gate behind only to find it swinging open. As such, parents should consider purchasing a safety gate that signals it has latched. Gates with color indicators may come in handy.

Accordion-Style Safety Gates 

Parents should avoid accordion-style gates, gates with horizontal slats, and any other gates with similar footholds. Such gates only cause accidents mainly due to strangulation or tripping. Gates with vertical slats are ideal with a width of 2 3/8 inches. However, parents who still prefer meshed gate panels should purchase a fine weave with wide holes to provide a foothold for climbing.

Remember that with a toddler your hands are already full; you don’t want anything that will complicate things further. When buying safety fences and gates online, be sure to choose quality products that are not only durable but also easy to use.