Tooth replacement with dental implants

Oral Health Care

For those who have recently lost a tooth in Barnsley, dental implants can be the solution to a particularly unhappy problem. Even those who have had missing teeth for a long time could be good candidates for dental implants. Having missing teeth can have a negative impact on people’s confidence, social life and relationships. Being able to smile confidently with a bright and healthy set of teeth is still possible to achieve for people who have lost one or more of their teeth.

A dental implant is a replacement tooth root

It works like a natural tooth in that it links with the jawbone to create a healthy foundation for a natural-looking replacement crown that looks and feels like a natural tooth. Patients’ gums and jawbone need to be in a healthy condition to allow dental implants to heal into place. The treatment is not for everyone but an experienced dental practitioner can help patients decide on whether a dental implant is the right solution for them. A thorough examination is necessary to find out if someone is a good candidate for dental implants in Barnsley.

The aim of getting a dental implant in Barnsley at dental practices such as PDC Dental Implants is to restore the health, function and aesthetics that a person’s mouth has lost. Going ahead with a dental implant procedure means that a patient will be able to eat, speak and smile just as they would have done with their natural, healthy teeth. The new tooth can be maintained just like a natural tooth, flossing and brushing as normal. Each replacement crown on a dental implant is colour matched to fit in with existing teeth in the mouth so nobody will ever suspect that it is not a natural tooth.

Dental implants are the only dental restoration option that preserves and actually promotes natural jawbone growth. The unique system is able to restore the function that a natural tooth would have in the jawbone. That is to stimulate the bone with vibrations from chewing. These vibrations actively encourage the bone to keep its density and strength.

Anyone who is thinking about getting a dental implant should visit an experienced dental implant dentist.