Trip to the Dentist: What to Expect

Male dental patient with the dentist

Frequent brushing is good for the teeth, but it does not essentially guarantee good overall oral health. That is why regular check-ups with the dentist are still a must. That said, it is common for patients to feel nervous about visiting a dental clinic for an inspection.

Advances in medicine and technology allow for painless procedures if you ever need any. For your maintenance and emergency care needs, Taylor Burley Kleiman Dental, highly-seasoned cosmetic and emergency dentists in Tauranga, will prioritise your needs.

Here is what a check-up typically involves:


Before anything else, your dentist will have to know your dental history and review past x-rays and medical forms, if there are any. He or she will then proceed in inspecting your mouth and scrape plaque build-up and other residue using a special instrument.

You will also receive some tips on brushing and flossing.


The doctor needs to examine your teeth, tongue, and gums for any sign of problems. There is nothing to worry about because this is just a basic examination that does not involve any kind of pain. You will only feel the tools that they are going to use to inspect and probe the inside of your mouth.

If you have been experiencing pain or discomfort before your visit, your dentist may request for an x-ray of your teeth. This will help them identify problems which may not be easily visible like gum diseases and decay.


Finally, you will receive pointers on improving and maintaining your oral hygiene. The doctor will also discuss their findings and provide you with options should you need treatment. If anything is unclear regarding the medication and procedures, you should let him or her know.

This establishes better communication between you and your dentist.

Do not underappreciate the value of regular dental visits because they are crucial to your oral health. If you are afraid of pain, you can rest easy because your comfort is the priority of your dentist.