Types of Clear Braces in Buckinghamshire

clear braces

For adults looking to get straighter teeth, discreet braces are a must. It’s no good trying to improve a smile by ruining its look for months on end with a mouth full of metal. It’s also galling enough to get stares and questions as a self-conscious teenager because of braces, but at least it’s expected for kids to be sporting metal train tracks. For adults going about their daily business and perhaps working in a public-facing job, endless questions from strangers as to why they have braces is really going to put a crimp on the day.

The good news is that, although for major realignment work fixed metal braces are still the best tool for the job, for cosmetic enhancements and mild corrections, clear braces in Buckinghamshire are the way to go. Many dental practices, such as Garden View Dental Care in Beaconsfield, can advise whether it’s possible to fix a particular issue with clear braces.

There are two different types of clear braces in Buckinghamshire. Fixed bracket and wires and clear aligners. Let’s take a look at both:

Fixed Clear Braces in Buckinghamshire

These are made of tooth-coloured wires and clear ceramic brackets. This means that, although they essentially use the same mechanism as their metal counterparts, they blend into the teeth rather than stand out from them.

These braces are often used to adjust the front six ‘social’ teeth that are seen through the smile. One of the most popular brands, Six Month Smiles, can make this adjustment in 4-9 months, or six on average, hence the name.

Aligner Clear Braces in Buckinghamshire

Another type of clear brace is the removable aligner. These aren’t braces in the way most people think of them. They are more like the retainers that are worn at the end of teeth straightening treatment. They fit on over the teeth like a thin mouth guard and once on, can’t be seen. A dentist may notice, but the casual observer wouldn’t.

The original brand of clear aligner is Invisalign, which works in 12-18 months, and has treated more than four million patients worldwide.