Wearing Braces in Garforth


Back in the day, people only used to wear braces in Garforth if their teeth were so badly out of alignment that they were causing them pain or making it hard to eat. That was when braces came in one design only. ‘You can have any braces you like so long as they’re big and made of metal’ to misquote Henry Ford.

Nowadays, braces in Garforth come in a variety of designs and the really big, clunky metal ones are saved for those with really complex, serious issues to resolve. Everyone wants to be able to have the lovely, see-through braces that aren’t even braces, but it is worth going to a dentist, such as Enhancedental, that has a trained braces dentist. They can make sure that patients get the right braces for them from a wide range in stock.

Mixing and Matching

Some dentists are very happy for their patients with complex alignment issues to start off in the dreaded clunky metal braces but then to move to more discreet braces when the bulk of the movement has been achieved, and they are down to the last few months of fine tuning. The reason some people need to start off in bigger bracket and wire braces is that these generally have more pulling power to move bigger teeth and they are also better for dealing with issues such as pulling down teeth that have not descended properly.

Once people can have more discreet braces in Garforth, there is a variety to choose from. These follow 3 basic designs.

Fixed Braces

These still have brackets and wires, but the brackets are smaller and made of clear ceramic, and the wires are finer and tooth-coloured. One such brand is Six Month Smiles.

Removable Aligners 1

More like a very thin mouth guard to look at, but with built in pressure points that press on the teeth to get them to move. Patients wear a series of aligners to create progression of movement.

Removable Aligners 2

One device with 2 spring-loaded bows that go in front and behind the very front teeth and use opposing forces to align them.


Everyone needs one of these to finish off their treatment.