Weighing up the Cost: Invisalign

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An important part of the process of deciding on any investment is the cost/benefit analysis. Is this going to be worth the outlay? This is as true for teeth straightening as it is for any treatment. And, when it comes to this in London, Invisalign clear aligners costs can vary quite a bit.

In London, Invisalign cost depends very much on the dentist, so it is worth shopping around among reputable practitioners such as Graham Tinkler. This very popular way of straightening teeth has now had over four million users, so it must be doing something right.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign has two really good things going for it: it is removable for eating, drinking and cleaning. This can save a lot of hassle. People can continue to eat what they like without worrying about getting bits stuck in their straighteners, or discolouring them, and they don’t have to spend ages poking about with special brushes trying to dislodge stuck food. In a busy world, that’s a big benefit to be weighed up against cost.

Invisalign also has another important benefit – it is pretty much invisible once it is in place over the teeth. For adults in public-facing, high pressure and managerial positions, that is a very desirable feature as it immediately does away with any need to fend off uninvited questions.

Generally speaking, the starting price for Invisalign treatment in London is £1995. This then increases in accordance with the severity of the case and the length of treatment. People who go to two different practitioners for quotes may find quite a discrepancy between the two. This is when it is important to find out what is being included in the price. Does it include refinement, whitening gel and retainers?

Some dentists prefer to offer a fully-inclusive price at the beginning of treatment. Others prefer to offer just the basic cost, and see retainers and whitening gel as add-ons. Others may be cutting costs by using a lower quality retainer. And what about the consultation itself? Most dentists offer this for free, after all this is where they get their business from. But what about the x-rays and scans? Are they coming in as extras?