What Brushing Technique does the Dentist in Stevenage Recommend?

Family brushing teeth

Even if someone is attending to their oral hygiene twice a day, as recommended by the dentist in Stevenage, they could still be susceptible to dental problems if they are not using the right techniques.

When someone visits the dentist in Stevenage, it is imperative that they are honest about their dental hygiene habits. Dental practices in Stevenage include Smilecraft. The dentist is there to help, not to judge. They can only offer the right advice and improvements if they know exactly what their patient is already doing. If someone is not taking care of their teeth, it shows and it can cause serious issues at a later date, such as tooth loss.

Some of the techniques that a dentist will recommend for effective brushing include:

Choosing the right toothbrush

A soft brush is usually recommended. Something that is too hard can cause damage to the tooth enamel and gums.

Multi-directional brushing

It’s tempting just to brush back and forth as seen in cartoons but this isn’t enough. It’s also important to brush around in circles as well covering the fronts, backs and tops of the teeth.

Brush at the right time

Brushing after meals is a good idea but it’s worth waiting for an hour. This is because the enamel on the teeth can soften slightly during the chewing process so brushing too soon may cause inadvertent damage. Also, brushing too often can have a similar effect. That’s why it’s more effective, and better for the teeth, if people don’t snack between meals rather than doing so and planning to brush after every nibble.

Brushing for long enough

Most dentists recommend a minimum of two minutes brushing time. People can now get handy timers for children that flash or play a tune for two minutes so they know how long to brush for. Many adults could benefit from this too as plenty do not brush for long enough.

Don’t stop with brushing

There are a number of accessory activities that support the process of brushing. These include flossing, scraping the tongue and mouthwash. The dentist can recommend various products for these activities as well as offering tips on technique if their patient is unsure.