What’s Up, Doc? Questions You Should Ask on Your Next Medical Check-Up

private gp

Your annual physical check-ups should be more than a quick a medical exam and a “See you next year, Doc.” It’s your chance to build and strengthen an important partnership with your GP, as well as to assess your current health.

private gp

Say you live in London and your annual check-up is nearing, think of it as not just something you have to go through. Instead, look at it as a two-part process. First, it’s an exam, and second, it’s a discussion with your private GP in Harley Street to get a thorough understanding of your health.

Here are some must-ask questions that should help you gain insight on your health:

  1. “Are all my signs normal or within accepted limits?” Ask your local private general practitioners about your BMI, heart and lung conditions.
  2. “Is my health better, worse, or the same since my last check-up?
  3. “What are the best ways I can maintain or improve my health or condition?”
  4. “Given my family’s medical history, am I at a higher risk for certain illnesses?”
  5. “Are there alarming findings I need to know?”
  6. “Should I see a specialist for any reason?”
  7. “Am I in good condition for my age?”

Make the most of your next doctor’s visit by asking these and other important questions, and by getting to know everything you can about your current health.