Why Buy a Walk-in Bathtub?

Senior woman relaxing in a bathtub

Traditional showers and bathtubs can be risky to some users especially young children, older adults, and those with mobility issues. The US National Council on Aging reports that falls in bathrooms is a major cause of fatal injury among the aged. Heavenly Walk In Tubs recommends a walk-in bathtub for the elderly to prevent tripping, slipping, and falling.

Health Benefits of Walk-in Bathtubs

Other than safety, using a walk-in bathtub has health benefits that include stress relief, muscle relaxation, blood circulation, and easing joint pain. Often these tubs have features that could be used for water therapy and massage.

Why a walk-in tub?

A walk-in bathtub, unlike the ordinary tubs, has features that make it more comfortable and safe to use. Most use a shower and a water-resistant door. They also use easy drain technology for a quick exit from the tub as well as water temperature control features.

Some tubs are also portable so that you can transfer it to another area for more comfort and ease. Other features include removable hand-held shower heads, non-slip surfaces, massage jets, and grab bars.

Price for Safety

You may find that the cost for walk-in bathtubs is relatively higher than the other tubs. Nevertheless, a walk-in bathtub offers you more features as well as ensures the safety and security of your loved ones.

Walk-in bathtubs are for everyone

Walk-in bathtubs are not only meant for the disabled. Many people have embraced its use, especially in many homes. many people recognize the benefits of its features, regardless of your age or mobility.

Why you should get one

Whether you are constructing a new home or want to transform your bathroom, a walk-in bathtub is an option you should consider. With all its safety features, it can accommodate anyone in your family and even enjoy the health benefits that go along with it.