Why do people choose to work with a private dentist in Soho?

patient is smiling with her dentist

Dentists may offer either NHS-funded or private treatment. Many clinics will offer a combination of the two so that people can get some treatment on the NHS and opt to pay for extras that aren’t covered by the available funding.

There are a number of reasons why someone might opt for private treatment from a dentist in Soho. There are a number of private practices in the area, including PS Dental Care. People have complete flexibility when they are choosing their dental practitioner. They can choose any clinic in any location. They can even use one dentist for some types of work and another for their routine care. If they can get all of their needs met in one place, however, it gives the team there a chance to have a complete overview of their dental health.

Faster treatment

People on a waiting list for NHS treatment can often get faster treatment by going to a private practitioner. Not only can they get their initial appointment more quickly, they may also be able to get rapid follow-up appointments to get their work done soon after their consultation. Waiting for dental treatment can be difficult once someone has made the decision to go ahead so this is one of the reasons why they may opt for a trip to the private dentist in Soho.

Prioritizing cosmetic treatment

Cosmetic treatments are typically not available using financial support from the NHS. If someone is looking for a primarily cosmetic treatment, this means they are free to choose to work with any practitioner that offers the procedures and standards of care that they are looking for. In these circumstances, people often seek out a private dentist in Soho to complete their work.

More flexibility around appointment times

NHS dental practices offer the same standards of care as private practitioners. However, they are usually bound by a contract that limits the hours within which they can provide treatment to NHS patients.

Private practices are not bound by the same guidelines and so many are willing to offer appointments that are outside of these hours. This means that someone can keep up with their dental care without having to take time off work to do so.