Why Does Anyone Need More Than a General Dentist?

patient is smiling with her dentist

Remember the good old days when visiting the dentist was simple. There was one dentist for everything, it seemed. Now, there are all these different facets to dentistry and an ‘-ontist’ for each one. Why is that? And what do they do? Here, we look at the work of the periodontist in Perth.

Dentistry is about teeth, gums, the mouth, and if they are not quite working right as a team, it can affect the rest of the body. Dentistry is a lot more complex than just a check-up and a filling. And now that people are living longer and medical and dental research keeps leaping forward with new techniques, materials and equipment, trying to keep their teeth, gums and jaws in good condition becomes ever more complex. That’s why focussing on a particular area of dentistry is important. Take the periodontist in Perth, for example. They concentrate on issues to do with the gums. Finding a specialist is not always easy, but one periodontist can be found at Elite Perio.

Gum Disease Bides its Time

Gum disease tends to creep up on people. It is caused by the acids given off by dental plaque attacking the gums and, later, the tooth roots and the bone surrounding them. Symptoms start with swollen and bleeding gums, but progress to pus and infections under the gums and loose teeth that will eventually fall out.

Treating Early Stage Gum Disease

Anyone who notices that their gums are inflamed or bleed easily when brushed should get to their dentist sharpish for a check-up. If gum disease is detected, a thorough deep clean to remove plaque and a good oral hygiene routine should solve the problem.

Late Stage Gum Disease

This is when it’s a good idea to get to the periodontist in Perth. Treating late stage gum disease can involve removing any plaque and calculus from the inside of the gums, and infected tissue if there is any. The bone may need to be reconstructed. Bone and gum grafts may be needed as well.


Treatment takes time to complete and involves periods of waiting while treated areas heal.