Without Proper Distribution of Food Supply, America would Starve!

Food SupplyA day may be not enough if you were to trace the origins of that chicken legs you’re eating right now. Because of reliable proper distribution, town and cities all over America get to have the consumables they need on a daily basis. But had it not for the magic of refrigeration the same chicken legs you’re munching on wouldn’t be edible and you would be eating nothing but poison.

Thanks to refrigerated trucking companies like westcoastcarriers.net, America’s food is safe and fresh – safe from harmful pathogens and fresh enough to satisfy the stomach and nourish the body.

Effectiveness is the Name of the Game

If you think it’s tiresome to run in a marathon or a fun run, then you should know food distribution runs a similar risk with greater consequences.

The challenge lies getting food supply in time. With the United States having a total land area of 9.857 million square kilometers, it’s a humongous task, to say the least. For one, fresh meat products have a shelf life that’s very limited. This is why these goods have to be delivered within 48 hours to the supermarket or the wholesaler – or these items won’t even be fit for the lowliest of dogs.

This is exactly what happened to the massive recall of beef products in Canada recently, with over 1,500 items taken out of commercial shelves.

Cold Storage is Key

Refrigerated trucking companies play a central in keeping things under schedule. Without cold storage, temperature-sensitive goodies are bound to be unfit for human consumption.

Products that need a temperature-controlled environment to maintain integrity cannot be moved without such specially-equipped trucks.This way, people in any region of America, from sunny California to cold Alaska, get their fair share of vital food supply. Moreover, these trucking companies have developed a robust network nationwide that has the manpower to get the trucks rolling in cases of repair or driver inability.

It’s no easy job but thanks to these refrigerated trucking companies, goods arrive not only in time but in good shape.