You Can Fight Gum Disease Better with Straight Teeth

Woman With Straight Teeth

Woman With Straight TeethPoorly aligned teeth will not just make you feel embarrassed to talk or smile in public; they also increase your risk of developing gum disease, as it is more difficult to clean teeth when they are misaligned. Periodontal or gum disease may start with bleeding gums when brushing or flossing teeth. This does not cause pain or discomfort until it reaches later stages or develops into periodontitis.

Dangers of Teeth Misalignment

As misaligned teeth cause unnecessary stress and pressure on the jaws, premature wear is likely to occur. This may cause your choppers to chip easily or develop notches at the gum line. An experienced orthodontist from Southpoint Quality Dental notes that having crowded or crooked teeth can promote accumulation of plaque, which contributes to bad breath and tartar buildup.

Teeth wear and trauma result from unnatural stress, leading to other problems, such as loose teeth, poor root support, and tooth loss. If left untreated, this can cause extra strain on the jaw muscles, increasing the symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). For cases that lead to tooth loss, premature aging or shifting of other teeth is possible.

Straight Teeth Mean Better Oral Health

With straight and aligned teeth, you will have a better chance to avoid gum diseases and its consequences. Proper teeth alignment encourages easier brushing, flossing, and removal of bacterial plaque. This eventually results in better oral hygiene and decreased risks of developing cavities. Having straight teeth, moreover, reduces the need for procedures related to tooth chipping.

Braces, which move teeth gently in the right position, are available for children and adults. If you don’t want the traditional wires and brackets, you can choose other discreet options, such as ceramic braces or Invisalign. Note that the right type of orthodontic solution for you will depend on your misalignment issues and budget.

Give your mouth a better chance to fight gum disease with straighter teeth. When you choose to wear braces, you can promote proper oral hygiene and have a winning smile you can be proud of. Visit an orthodontist today and find out how braces can make your smile healthy and beautiful.