What to Do When You’ve Lost a Filling

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Filling is an important dental procedure that may be painful and costly. This dental procedure, however, isn’t full proof, and may often fall out from eating certain food that jostle them out. In some instances, a patient may not even realize that they’ve lost it, and may have swallowed it.

family dental

When you’ve lost a filling, here are some steps a local family dentist in Bountiful, Utah would recommend:

Remove the Filling

If you realized you lost a filling and haven’t swallowed it, remove it from your mouth immediately to avoid doing so.

Call a Dentist

Call a local family dental clinic, like Doctor Adrian as soon as you lose your filling. Set a new appointment as soon as possible to replace it.

If you just got the filling or had it replaced recently, ask the dentist who did it for a free replacement, especially if it’s an issue with the bonding process.

Keep the Tooth Clean

If you fail to have a dentist refill your tooth immediately, keep your tooth clean. The exposed cavity may worsen, or feel extremely sensitive.

Brush the tooth carefully, and make sure to remove any food debris to prevent harmful bacteria from accumulating in the cavity.

Even though losing a filling isn’t a major dental emergency, you still shouldn’t ignore it. Follow these guidelines and visit a family dental clinic in Bountiful as soon as possible to avoid a more serious dental problem.